What is the Next Step?

This is a post that I started writing when I finished my last treatment in the beginning of June. I did not want to delete it, so I am going to post it instead.

I have been four weeks out of my last treatment.  In the past, four weeks I have been recovering from the radiation and chemotherapy.  The skin on the right side of my face is healing very nicely.  It has lost the sun burn look.  My mouth has gotten extremely better in the four weeks.  Food is tasting a lot better and the thick mucous has subsided.  All in all everything is great.  This past weekend I did a nice run of shows.  I saw Yonder Mountain String Band, Les Claypool, and Railroad Earth.  All the shows were great and I will probably do a post on that later.  All I want to say is that I had the energy to go to all of these shows.  Yes, I was a little sore, but overall I felt good.  Today, I actually started to work at my dad’s place, its like life is just starting again.  After treatment, that was the thing I was most excited about.  Just being able to live life again.  I would be able to go to shows and start working and just not worry.  For some reason, this cancer thing has not been bothering me.  I have been able to sleep at night, very well.  My mind has been in a great place.

I have been going in to see my doctors and we planned for another PET scan.  Now, we were informed that the PET scan would not tell us anything in my head and neck region.  The radiation has effected that area too much, so it would not help.  The reason for getting this PET scan is to see what was going on in my lungs.  In my first PET scan, there was some small spots in my lungs, so this scan was to check out that shit.  We got the results back from the oncologist and they are not good, but not bad.  The results said that the stuff in my lungs are still there, but they did not grow.  Good news and bad news.  I was simply blown away.  I swear that I would be 100% healthy.  I have been feeling great.  I thought to myself that I had cancer kicked, but the scans said differently.  I have been going a little crazy this week.  This is probably the first time since I first got diagnosed that I have been actually FREAKING OUT!!!!  I really needed to let everyone know and spill the news because I am going crazy over here.

For the next couple of weeks we just wait.  I need to do some research and my doctors will do some research to figure out our new plan of action.  One thing that has really helped me is just reading other peoples’ blogs about their cancer stories.  Just knowing that other young adults have been through cancer like me just makes me not worry as much.  You really do feel alone and isolated with this disease.  The only thing that makes it any better is like I said reading stories of other peoples struggle.  It is really the only comforting thing in my life right now.  Being a young adult with cancer is such a scary thing for so many reasons.  Isolation and my future are the two scariest things dealing with this disease.  My future is so uncertain that just trying to plan things to do just sometimes seems pointless.  OH WELL!!!  I read this article that really summed up the feelings of young adults with cancer and I will put a link to the site for all to read.  I am not the best wordsmith, so this article will be all the words that I cannot come up with to explain my head.

Lets fast forward three months. I have been doing an alternative treatment plan at the Schachter Center, which is located in New York off the thruway. It is about 20 minutes from my house. Here I do Vitamin C IV drips and I just started another IV of Laetrile. I get the Laetrile right after the Vitamin C. It is a complicated process on how laetrile works in the body. Here is the short story. An enzyme known as beta glucuronidase is capable of splitting off the glucuronic acid from the benzaldehyde-cyanide complex. This enzyme is generally in high concentrations in cancer cells, but low in normal cells. Once glucuronic acid is split off, the remaining benzaldehyde splits off cyanide which is toxic to the cancer cell. Essentially this laetrile turns into cyanide and then kills off the cancer. I just started the laetrile, but have taken the vitamin c for about two months now.

I want to talk the blood tests that I have gotten at the Schachter center. These were not the normal blood tests that you get from your regular old doctor. First, thing is my Vitamin D levels. Vitamin D is an important part in fighting cancer. On June 17th, my vitamin D was 37.1. The normal range is 32 to 100, but you want it to be in the 60s when fighting cancer. On September 22nd, my vitamin D was up to 52.2. Some definite improvement. On June 17th, my vitamin A was 37.2. The normal range is 30 to 75. On September 22nd, my vitamin A was 68.2. The last thing is my Beta Carotene levels. Beta Carotene is really the amount of vegetables you are eating and are really important to fighting cancer. On June 17th, my Beta Carotene was 12. The normal range is 4 to 30. The doctor told us that he has patients that are above 100 when they are fighting cancer, so I definitely needed to get this up. On September 22nd, my Beta Carotene levels was 17.6. This definitely needs to keep getting higher and higher.

The last thing I want to talk about is my levels of platinum in my blood. I was on Cisplatin, a certain type of chemotherapy, whcih was platinum in it. The chemo is suppose to kill the cancer, but is very toxic to your body and is harmful. I finished my last chemo treatment towards the end of April. I got my platinum levels tested done on June 17th. Your suppose to have no platinum in your blood. The platinum in my blood was through the roof. Like thousands over and it was two months ago from the last chemo. Its amazing how long that shit stays in your body. Something that I did not realize until I got the results. Amazing!