Valley Natural Health

I have read many stories about cancer patients beating cancer by doing the alternative medicine route instead of traditional medicine.  These patients start eating healthy and using other medicine to boost the immune system.  My mother and I have looked into alternative medicines for my illness.  The first thing we did was go to a place called Valley Natural Health.  Valley Natural Health is a chiropractic, and homeopathy and nutrition establishment.  We heard about it from one of my mom’s friends who has their daughter go there because she was diagnosed with cancer and getting adjusted helped her tremendously.  I first went there for the chiropractic portion.  Dr. David Coonrad is the chiropractor that works on my back and neck twice a week.  Dr. Dave has an interest in the mind/body connection.  It is his belief that you need to get the whole nervous system and spine in top form to get the immune system in top form.  The first thing Dr. Dave did to me was take some pictures of my spine to see what he needed to do first.  For the first 2 months I went three times a week.  I went all throughout my radiation and chemotherapy and it really helped.  There were days after chemotherapy where I was tired and could barely move, but I would go get adjusted and run out of the office because I felt so good.  It was amazing what Dr. Dave did by just cracking my neck and back.  Right now my back has really straightened out and my posture feels good.  Overall, I love getting adjusted and plan on doing it for the rest of my life.  It really gets my energy up and just feels good.

Dr. Dave’s wife Linda is in charge of the homeopathy and nutrition.  We went to see Linda to see what we should be eating and what supplements we should be taking.  She gave us some pointers on what to eat and gave us some good supplements to take to keep my immune system in tip top form.  The goal of going the natural way is to keep that immune system at its best to fight against cancer.  I have been taking all kinds of stuff to keep my immune system the best and to beat cancer.  Dr. Dave and Linda have been wonderful throughout this whole process.  They have been very supportive and positive that cancer will be conquered.  I definitely recommend anyone and everyone to go to Valley Natural Health to go get adjusted.  It is not only beneficial for cancer, but just any kind of aches and pains one is feeling.  It is also good for stress relief and depression.

Their motto is, “where your body is healed, your mind is nurtured, & your spirit is uplifted.”

Today, I went to Valley Natural Health for another reason.  A woman in the office rents out space for her acupuncture business.  I have also read many cancer patients going for acupuncture because of their treatment and helping with the immune system.  The acupuncturist is named Ting M. Chao.  “It is used to offer nutritional counseling to help you in recovery, improvement and / or resolution of ailments.  We are committed to balancing the body, the mind and the spirit.”  There alternative medicines work on body, mind, and spirit.  I met with Ting and she discussed what she would be doing to me and asked me questions on what I expected to gain.  Ting was taking my pulse on my wrists and was feeling for my energy.  There are three spots on each wrist that give off energy of certain organs in the body.  Of course your heart, lungs, both kidneys, stomach, and one other organ I cannot remember.  I thought that was the coolest thing about the acupuncturist.  I laid on the table and Ting proceeded to stick me with pins to boost my immune system.  Some of the pins hurt and some didn’t.  One of the best places to prod is in the ear.  It is also the most sensitive, so the most painful.  Overall, the whole experience was great.  I was deep in relaxation.  I don’t think I have ever felt like that.

That is Valley Natural Health.  It is a wonderful place, where everyone cares for you.  It is another way of healing, but I think is extremely beneficial.  It is something that I will constantly do for the rest of my life.  Again, you do not need to have cancer to do all these alternative medicines.  It cures the most common things and is just a great way to rejuvenate yourself and get energy.