The Monkey Festival

“Planet of the Apes” is a movie that comes to mind when you visit Lopburi, Thailand.  Humans are slaves to these beasts. Monkeys rule this town.  They roam around the town and even climb on the apartments and the phone wires.  On the last weekend of November, eight of us planned a trip to Lopburi, which is a city about an hour and half away from Suphanburi.  You go to lopburi because of the monkeys that live there.  There is a temple located in the city where all the monkeys hang out.  We all arrived at the temple and were taking pictures of all the monkeys walking around.  All was good hanging out with the monkeys.  We did not harm the monkeys and the monkeys did not harm us.  Life was pretty good there in the beginning.  I was taking pictures of the monkeys and they were find with that.  One of them grew a pair and jumped on me, but they jumped right off.  The first one jumped and was on me for maybe 10 seconds.  Nothing wrong with that.  The monkeys were grabbing my hair and trying to get into my camera bag.  I was kneeling taking some pics when a monkey jumped on me.  That little monkey swiped at my sunglasses.  I usually wear my regular glasses underneath my sunglasses, so I am still able to see when I walk around.  This monkey knocked my sunglasses off.  My regular glasses were not on my face so I just assumed that they were on the ground.  I look down and they were not there.

I turn to Anna and ask her, “You see my glasses anywhere?”  I look up and see my glasses being taken away by a monkey.  Another monkey swooped in and took my sunglasses.  I could not believe it.  Anna and I both start chasing the two across the temple.  The one with my glasses started to climb up higher.  Anna went after the other monkey and I guess eventually dropped my sunglasses because I have those now.  All you see is that monkey chomping on my glasses.  All of sudden a lens tumbles down to the ground and I grabbed it.  That is all I have of my glasses.  I was sulking close to the temple where of course all the monkeys are.  One jumped on me and we were just hanging out.  This money was biting my hair and picking at my mustache.  It really loved my hair.  At one point there was 4 monkeys on me.  I was there jungle gym for about 5 minutes.  Everyone was taking pictures of me.  I was the one on display.  Then one of them started to actually bite with teeth, so that is when I had to start kicking the monkeys off of me.  I really enjoyed myself and even though I started to smell like a monkey by the end of the day, it was still fun.  I guess now I will always have a story to tell about my glasses. If you want to check out a video of the monkeys and myself go here.