The Flight Over!

3 O’clock Tuesday June 30th. My dad is driving me to the airport. (First, I know that this is a little late. I have been lazy and vacationing so bare with me.) I actually was a little nervous. Why? I thought to myself. It could have been leaving a perfectly great teaching job at Midland Park. It also could have been picking up and moving for Anna. Starting a different chapter in my life. Whatever it was, I was a little bit nervous.

My father drops me off. We exchange our good byes and I head out on this new, but old journey. You see for those who do not know me I have been to Thailand before. This is my second time here. I loved it so much I had to come back. I have been skeptical about my flight since the day I purchased my ticket. The reason is because I got it from Air India. It was the cheapest one way ticket, but I got kind of skieved out because of the plane being from India. I get to the end of the line where I finally can now check my bags. I give the person my passport and things are not going good.

One! My connecting flight from India is not the same carrier or something, so that is causing all kinds of problems. Second! I do not have a visa for India. It never crossed my mind to get one. I was not staying there. I was simply passing through. The guy went to his supervisor asked some questions and thank god everything turned out well. Well turns out that I do not really need the visa. Thank god. It was pouring rain in Newark, so my plane was very late to finally lift off. The plane finally left Newark around 8:00 PM on June 30th. I got on the plane and sat in my seat and shit I was pissed. I was in the aisle seat, but I was sitting with two other people. Thank god the flight was not filled and I got to move to the empty row behind me. I had the whole row to myself. That made my day. I got to lay out. After about 7 hours I landed in Frankfurt. If I was still in New Jersey it would be about 3:15 AM, but Frankfurt time was 9:15 AM on July 1st. We had to get off of our flight and get back on the plane. As I went through the Frankfurt airport again my VISA got questioned, but thank god no problems. We finally got on the plane at 5:45 AM if I was still in New Jersey, but Frankfurt time it was 11:45 AM. Now it was on to Mumbai, India. My seat was again a good one. There was one person in my row, but we had a seat in between us. This flight lasted about 8 hours. We arrived in Mumbai 1:35 PM if I was still in New Jersey on July 1st. In Mumbai it was about 11:15 PM on July 1st. Of course it took some time to get off the plane and I missed my connecting flight to Bangkok. Shit! I gave my passport and ticket to an Indian person working for the airport and off he went. I saw around waiting and waiting, just hoping my passport was not being stolen. So about 20 to 30 minutes passed and finally the guy came back and led me the way. I cut the whole line to be checked to make my new flight I was getting on. We ran through the airport and he showed me the gate. He asked for a tip. I gave him 10 bucks and he was like that’s it. I mean I guess he did save my life, so I have him another 10 and off I went to Bangkok finally. We finally left around 3:25 PM if I was still in NJ and landed in Bangkok around 7:35 PM if I was still in NJ. In Bangkok, it was around 6:30 AM in the morning on July 2nd. I was worried Annie left the airport or something because I was 2 hours late, but thank god her beautiful face was there. I had no idea how I was going to find her, so I just started walking with all my stuff and then I finally saw those golden locks in the distance. We found each other and kissed and off we went to her place in Suphanburi.

The total time I was in the air was 19 hours and 15 minutes about. Well thank god I landed in Thailand safely and with my girl for the first time in a couple of months.