The Aftermath

I first want to apologize for not keeping the blog updated during this whole process.  Someone hacked the website and deleted everything on the website.  We got it back, but some newer blog entries were deleted.  The last blog entry had pictures of what I had to go through everyday and I now do not have those pictures, so I am real pissed about that.  As soon as the website got hacked I also lost my laptop.  I did not get a new computer until recently, so I NOW can update the blog.

I AM DONE!!!!!!  As of May 3, 2010, I am finished with my treatment of radiation and chemotherapy.  I started March 16 and it went on for 7 weeks.  Since I don’t have any pictures of me on the table, I will describe it.  I had to drive into the city every day Monday thru Friday.  We left Ridgewood around 7 o’clock in the morning to get to the hospital by 8:15 AM.   I would go into this room that was decorated with fake beach views to make it feel like you were in the life of luxury or something.  I would lay on this table and a mask would be placed around my head and bolted to the table.  This mask would make sure I would remain in the same position every day.  The actual radiation process lasted about 10 to 15 minutes.  This huge thing would start to encircle me where the radiation beams will hit me.  Now, I never felt a beam during the process.

Now, every three weeks I would receive a round of chemotherapy.  I got three doses of chemotherapy.  The chemo I got was called Cisplatin.  It is a strong chemo, that works well with radiation.  The combination sometimes can be so toxic that it can kill you, but Cisplatin is OK.  For each dose I would stay overnight at the hospital.  After the first dose I had the worst heartburn.  After the second dose I was extremely fatigued.  After the third dose I really had no effects.  I am really amazed at how well I did with the chemotherapy.  I rarely felt nauseous and the nausea drugs are real good these days.  My hair is on my head.

The first four weeks of treatment was actually really easy.  I was eating well.  My skin was not dry or red.  My mouth did not hurt.  I was doing really well.  It was about the 5th week when my mouth started to feel real bad.  It became very painful and hard to chew things.  Right now it is hard to chew things and I am done with treatment.  So the last three weeks were a lot tougher than the beginning, which was expected.  Overall, I did really well and I am glad for that.