Sports Day @ School – July 30 and 31

Day 1

For all of you wondering the name of my school is Sa-Nguan Ying School. I teach in the english department in the school. I have been teaching for about 3 weeks now and it has been interesting to say the least. The students know most of the math work that I have been doing, but it is telling them the new vocabulary that goes with it. Well, this is the boring stuff, so onto Sports Week.

I went to a high school that had absolutely no spirit. We did not have Pep rallies. The school did not force us into the gym to chant or cheer for Ridgewood Football. Thank god. I liked this. I would not want to go to these events and I am glad that their was no effort into this. Now the high school I worked at for a year had a spirit day. Midland Park is the name to be exact. This event was fun, but missed a little something. Students just did not want to participate. It was hard for everyone to get into the spirit of sports when some kids were being a nuisance to the whole event. It just did not seem like it was worth it. Now onto Sa-Nguan Ying. This school in Thailand knows how to throw a sports day. We can call this just a big spirit day and it lasts for about 2 days. This is the mother all of spirit days. This is what I like. Go BIG or don’t go at all.

For the month of July the students have been practicing after school for this event. Practicing there dance moves or the sport they are assigned to play. Sometimes I would hear drums from my house at 7 o’clock at night. This is almost 4 hours after school ended. The whole school is divided into 6 colors. And then its on! It is your color against the other colors. Anna and I were the same color, Yellow!! We were pumped to see how our color would do. July 30th, finally the day has come. Most of the students have to be in a parade that starts in the middle of the city. This is about a 2 KM hike. (Yes, the US is the only country that uses miles.) Some of the girls had to make this walk in high heels. Others had to carry a platform with a person on it. As they started to finally make their way into the school they are a

ll dressed up in different themes. Not only do they have their own color, but they have come up with their own theme. Well, yellow turned out to be The Lion King or Jungle. The girls were dressed in tiger or lion outfits. There was a lion mascot running around. We also had a big mural of a baby lion in Africa. Each color had its own song and dance for their theme, so as the parade was coming in the other students were all drumming and screaming and singing their songs. Everyone of them was into it. Everyone was screaming as loud as they could. Each color had its own mural and theme for the day.  This is a picture of all the students and their teams lined up for opening ceremony.

all colors

The day is broken into 2 parts. The morning and the afternoon. The morning is all about the play that the students will put on. Each color comes up with its own play to perform for everyone. Each play is judged, but I am not sure what is judged. The yellow had a jungle feel with the dancers dressed up in tiger outfits. The purple were dressed in Muay Thai boxing shorts and had a boxing ring in their play. My pictures will address the other themes of the other colors. Each color had a song that went with the dances. Now, since all the songs were in Thai I could not understand the meaning of the play. The only thing I could get from the songs were Nung, Saung, Sam, Si…. which is 1, 2, 3 , 4. All 6 colors performed and then it was onto the afternoon.

The afternoon is all about the sports. Basketball, soccer, volleyball, toccra ( I am not sure about the spelling. It is a combo of volleyball and soccer. They have to get this small wicker ball over the net using anything but their hands), bocce

ball. Theses are the events that the students will be competing in. The kids bring their drums right on the side of the volleyball court and start drumming and chanting. Its a free for all out there. This is the ultimate spirit week.  Annie and I were were on the yellow team, so here is our team and our theme for day 1.  We ended up winning most of the competitions because we kicked so much ass.

yellow team

Day 2

I thought that today was just going to be the final games of all the sports. News to me is that their will be more plays done performed by the students. Again the morning is filled with more plays. Unfortunately, I did not think I needed my camera today, so I did not bring it with me. Well I will explain a little bit of what the performances were about. The blue’s play started off with them singing, “I’m a Barbie Girl.” The red’s play was about a “Love Festival.” There were some inappropriate dance moves done by some of the kids. (Annie has this all on video). The green dancers had the most unique dresses. They were dressed up very trippy like. The green had the funniest plays on both days. They definitely put some humor into their acts. Today’s play had something to do with jokers or jesters from a deck of cards. The purple’s play had a big cake wheeled into the middle of the field and they started to sing Happy Birthday.

To think the amount of time and effort these students had put into these dances and songs and themes. It is amazing they have any time to do their work. These 2 days have been an amazing display of school spirit and team camaraderie with the colors. I have been truly impressed with what these students have been able to show me. It has been really fun to be apart of and witness.  This is a pic of the yellow team starting our dance in the competition.  Our theme was The Lion King, so it starts off being locked in a cage.