Sitting Here In Limbo

The title of this blog is the perfect description of what I am feeling right now.  I am sitting in between surgery and the start of my treatment.  I am nervous.  I just want to get started and start battling with this disease.  I sit here waiting not sure what is going on in my body.  Is it spreading?  What is it doing?  Should I be waiting like this?  It is scary when you have no idea what your body is doing.  Today, we met with a doctor in Boston and he gave us some good information.  First, this cancer is RARE!  I think he said 500 cases a year and he sees one a month.  My mom said, “Matt, you are definitely really special.”  I guess I am special.  The doctor talked to us about types of chemo and how long I will be taking it.

The official diagnosis is Parotid Ductal Carcinoma and the tumor was 3.5 cm.  So if anyone reading this knows anyone who has dealt with this type of cancer or something close to this cancer please have them email me or send me their email  My email is  I want to just tell some truth of the operation and what is going on in my body.  First, during the surgery the doctor also took out 26 of my lymph nodes on the right side of my neck.  Only 1 came back positive with this type of cancer.  In one of my prior blogs, I talked about a PET CT scan and how nothing showed up on the scan besides the thing in my face.  Well, I want to get the truth out on this.  A lung nodule showed up on the scan, but did not light up.  My doctor said that no way that this could be cancer.  The nodule was very small of 1.2 cm and the doc wanted to get a biopsy of it.  We got a biopsy of it and it did come back positive for the cancer.  I tell this to everyone because I want people to know and I usually forget about it.  It is so small that I do not really worry about it.  I know that once I am on the treatment that it will go away.  Also these things in my lungs are very small and will respond to the treatment, so please don’t worry but support.

On Tuesday, I go into the city to get a mask done for my face.  It is so that when I get radiation treatment that my face will be in the same position every time.  After that I will probably start treatment in 2 weeks.  I got for radiation for 7 weeks every day of the week and off on the weekends.  I know I will be starting chemo, but I am not sure when I will be receiving that treatment.