Repairman Jack: Book Review

Repairman Jack is the main character in a set of books by an author named F. Paul Wilson that I have recently been reading. Jack describes himself as a fix-it man. People come to him to get their problems fixed. He makes it clear that he is not a private investigator and does not do marriage issues. He likes to do different issues or odd problems that people have. The main reason I fell in love with this character is because he is the main attraction in 15 books Wilson has written. The books are like a TV series.   I have been looking for a long standing character in an on going series of books.  There are 15 books in the RJ series. I have constantly been looking for a series of books to read. I have always loved TV shows, so I needed to find a BOOK series.

The first book I literally stumbled upon is called “The Tomb.” I WAS HOOKED IMMEDIATELY!  It did not take me a couple of books to get into the series.  I was hooked from the first page. Once you start reading this book, you will be sucked into the action and mystery and sci-fi and history that is all thrown into it.  If you are interested in the Repairman Jack series then YOU need to start with, “The Tomb.”

Throughout the series we find that Jack is getting into all different kinds of situations not by coincidence. Someone or something is forcing him into these situations and he doesn’t know what it is. At about book three or four we learn about these two forces, the Otherness and the Ally. The Otherness is this evil force that wants to destroy Earth and take over. It wants to cause chaos. The Ally is really indifferent to the people on Earth, but wants to stop the Otherness from doing what it does. The Ally has recruited Jack to do its bidding to help destroy the Otherness.

From then on we read about the different situations that Jack keeps getting into because of the Otherness and the Ally. We learn about characters that keep on popping up in the different books to help Jack lead him in the necessary path. F. Paul Wilson has created, “The Secret History of the World,” which are all the different books that Wilson has written and is connected to Repairman Jack. There are two main cycles that contribute to, “The Secret History of the World.” There is the Repairman Jack Cycle and the Adversary Cycle. I don’t want to give too much away about the cycles, so YOU need to go out on your own and get hooked. I did not really want to make this a book review because there are so many books to review, so its a SERIES review.  I totally recommend The Repairman Jack Series starting with, “The Tomb.”  Once, you start reading those books, then you will get into, “The Secret History of the World,” and “The Adversary Cycle.”

The Adversary Cycle:
The Keep (AC #1)
Reborn (AC #2)
The Tomb (AC #3, RJ #1)
The Touch (AC #4)
Reprisal (AC #5)
Nightworld (AC #6)

Repairman Jack Novels:
The Tomb (RJ #1, AC #3)
Legacies (RJ #2)
Conspiracies (RJ #3)
All The Rage (RJ #4)
Hosts (RJ #5)
The Haunted Air (RJ #6)
Gateways (RJ #7)
Crisscross (RJ #8)
Infernal (RJ #9)
Harbingers (RJ #10)
Bloodline (RJ #11)
By The Sword (RJ #12)
Ground Zero (RJ #13)
Fatal Error (RJ #14)
The Dark at the End (RJ #15)

As of right now, I am waiting for “The Dark at the End,” to come out in October. I am also waiting for reprints of “Reprisal” and “Nightworld.” I still have three more books to read and I cannot wait any longer. I feel like re reading the whole series right now. There are also individual books that Wilson has written that goes along with the history and there are short stories about Repairman Jack also. Once you start reading the novels, there is a list of all the books included in the History of the World, so you can keep track of everything.

FYI, Wilson just signed up to do three more Repairman Jack books, but they wil take place before, “The Tomb.”  No connection with the Otherness or Ally!!  I am pumped about that!!  Below is a link to the Repairman Jack website if you are looking for any other information!