Phish @ Camden 06.07.2009

Thank god my friend Dan had an extra ticket to this show.  Thank god I got to see Phish more than once in 2009.  I wanted to go to those other 2 Jones Beach shows, but just could not make it.  So I took my friends extra ticket to the Camden show and I am so glad that I went.  Dan, Stack and I headed out to Camden from Ridgewood.  We were all gitty with anticipation for what the boys were going to throw at us tonight.  We talked about the past Jones Beach shows and what we liked and what we didn’t like.  We also talked about what we wanted to hear at Camden.  Dan said he wanted a “Chalkdust” or a “David Bowie.”  I wanted a “Wedge” or a “Mango Song.”  Of course this was all done with a couple of road sodas being drank hastily before this show.

This was the first time ever to this venue down in Camden.  I have heard some amazing things about the place and Phish has always brought the heat to South Jersey.  I know that the venue has changed names three times that I know of.  The E Centre to the Tweeter Center and now the Susquehana Bank Center.  It is a shame that all these beautiful venues get their names to changed to after some kind of corporation with a boring name.  Anyways, I was excited to be here for the first time.  The Philly skyline could be seen at most angles from the venue.  It was gearing up to be a wonderful night.

The three of us got in the venue and we waited for the band to get on.  The band starts with one of our requests for that nights show.  “Chalkdust Torture,” is blasting from the stage.  “Can I live while I’m Young,” is what I am trying to do.  That is why I travel so far to see this band.  Just trying to live my life.  Now I was very impressed with the Jones Beach show from 6.2, but I was not blown away.  I will soon find out that after this show I will just be wanting more and going to see as many more shows as I can.

Next two songs from the show are songs that are fun to just get down to.  “Fee,” and “Wolfman’s.”  The Wolfman’s was better this show than the show that I went to about 5 days earlier.  I feel like I have seen Wolfman’s at every Phish show I have been to.  But this song is always great to hear.  I do really enjoy it.  “Guyute” was next and a classic to hear live.

Lets just say that the end of this set was out of control.  “Lizards” and “Wedge.”  I mean Lizards I was not even thinking about at all.  Did not even think it was possible that this could be played live. This is one of my favorite songs and the place just was going nuts.  And then my prediction for that show which was “The Wedge.”  Man I love this song and I was so happy to hear this song.  I love getting the rarities at any shows especially at Phish shows.  To close this set the boys ended with Tube into First Tube.  WOW!!  This was the perfect ender for the first set.  The first part was funky.  The second part was just rocking.  Two separate totally different parts, but when put together it is perfect.

The second set opened up with a funky beat.  I was not sure of the song until after the show, but “Sand” was just what needed to happen to open up the second set.  It was funky and just what the doctor needed.  The middle of the set was good, solid, but the Tweezer that ended the show was just stellar.  It was real good to hear this song again live.  One of my first songs that I fell in love with and so good to hear again.  I think they played it real well.  And a great way to end the second set.

Now here comes the reason where I think that Phish is NOW BACK for REAL.   They opened up the encore with this new song called Joy.  Trey talked before they played the song and announced what the song was.  Now I was hoping that this was not the only encore song.  It was a good song, but not one for the encore.  Then they went into Bouncing.  I was real nervous during this song.  I thought they were going to end the encore with this song and I was going to be royally PISSED.  I was real nervous as it closed down to the end of the song.  Then I heard the first notes to Antelope.  I was soooooo relieved.  OK so three song encore.  YES, pretty solid.  AND Antelope was on fire.  The boys were playing it top notch.  I was very happy to hear this song to end this show.  BUT, it wasn’t over.  Of course the always Reprise for Tweezer was played to close the show.  I was fully blown away of this 4 song encore.  This is when I realized that the boyz are back.  They are ready to bring fire and play hard.  This actually left me wanting for more.  This wanted me to go on tour with the band.  I have not felt like that in a long time.  It was really good to see this show