It’s ALL About the HOPS

Along with loving Grateful Dead music, I also love drinking beer.  In college, we did not drink the best or most expensive beer, but I loved every second of it.  I love Budweiser.  Such a simple, delicious, AMERICAN beer.  That was the best part about it.  The usual beer we would “spring” for would be Magic Hat or Newcastle.  I never really was into the really, really hoppy beer.  Magic Hat #9 is as hoppy I would go and that is like water compared to the hops I drank this past weekend.

I have not drank a bit of alcohol since the beginning of December.  My ear was hurting too much for me to drink and then I got diagnosed, so I have just chosen not to drink.  This past weekend my favorite band came around the northern New Jersey area to play a couple of shows.  Railroad Earth that is for all of you that do not know.  Well, this seemed like the perfect time to pick up the bottle again and enjoy some libations.  To celebrate my favorite band.  My doctors even said to go out and have a couple of beers.  Plus, I need to gain weight and booze will pack some lbs on me.  Sounds like all good reasons to enjoy some drinks.

Since, I am trying to be as healthy as possible these days I was on a mission for the healthiest beer.  I started just searching for the healthiest beers out there.  At first, most of the beers I found were some sort of low cal beers and light beers.  The fact that my doctors told me that I needed to fatten up for treatment I definitely did not want any low calorie beers.  I stumbled upon this one site that I found really interesting.  ”Recent research has revealed bioactive compounds in beer that battle cancer, boost your metabolism, and more.”  Very interesting.  Beer that battles cancer?!  Hell yea.  I continued reading the article and there was a paragraph that talked about hops.  ”Researchers have shown thats it’s also a significant source of cholesterol-lowering, cancer-fighting, and virus-killing compounds called polyphenols.”  No way.  So hops contain these healthy things in them.  That was just great news for me.  This website also had a list of some of the hoppiest beers out there.  My favorite so far on the list is the Harpoon IPA.