Chiang Mai – My Other Home Away From Home

Anna and I had a lot planned for our October break.  We had The Gibbons Experience in Laos, Chiang Mai, and a small town in the middle of the mountains called Pai.  Chiang Mai has a special place in my heart.  In 2006, I studied abroad at a university called Payap University.  It was here where I first experienced Thailand and sure as hell would never forget about it.  I made great friends that will last a lifetime.  Some of the kids I went to school with would frequent this bar called the Chiang Mai Saloon.  It was here where we became best friends with the staff.  Soe, Gey, Mint, King are just a few names of the people we became great friends with.  We went on a trip to Doi Intanon with all of them.  Doi Intanon is the tallest mountain in Thailand.  Also, one of the kids I studied with teaches just like I do except he is in Chiang Mai.  Here is a picture circa 2006 when we were all at Doi Intanon.


The point is that I was REAL excited to go back and see all my friends.  This same picture is on the wall at one of the Chiang Mai Saloon’s signed by all of us.  We have great memories at this bar and will never be forgotten.  Well I went back to both of the saloons to say hi.  It was great to hear Soe’s ridiculous laugh and talk to Gey and Mint.  They all said I was more fat than before.  “Uan,” they would say which means Big.

During this trip I just hung out with my friends.  It wasn’t about trying to cram in all of the usual tourist attractions that “farang” go to.  Farang is the Thai word for white foreigner.  I cannot wait to go back in March and hang out with my friends and say goodbye to them for another long amount of time.  We will always remember each other.  Here is a picture of just some graffiti I saw in Chiang Mai.