Phish @ PNC 05.31.2011

After a fun, banjo filled, bass thumping, rain pouring, mud stomping, and just a straight up hoe down weekend, I was forced into going to see some no named band called Phish. Honestly, I was not planning on going to see any Phish shows this summer. I am kind of over the whole Phishing thing and I was fine with never seeing them again. Within the past months a long lost on and off again friendship has been rekindled. I would explain to Laura how at every Phish show I would see Tweezer, or YEM, or Antelope, or Hood and I was sick of seeing those songs at every show. The last show I saw before this one I saw all those songs in one show. Those are the classics, the most popular songs and I was really disappointed. I thought YEM was some epic song that Phish would only play like every 20th show. That if you saw a YEM then you were a lucky guy or girl. However, in the last tour I think they played YEM every other show. What gives? It loses its allure.

A couple of months ago, Laura and I were chatting it up about music and how Railroad Earth owns the Phish boys and what not. (Go check out the versions of Cold Water that each band plays and then make a comment on which one is better.) Laura was explaining to me how she was going to this show and that she was going solo. I started to think about going to this show, but I told her that she better promise me that I don’t see YEM, Tweezer, Harry Hood or Antelope. If you can guarantee me that I do not see any of these songs then I will go. Well, Laura promised me that Trey and Co. would not play any of those songs, so I agreed to go to the show. See Laura has a personal relationship with Trey and gets the setlists sent to her before any of the shows. Trey and her are best friends. Laura also had to promise me that I was going to hear a “Punch You in the Eye” and “Maze.” She did so I agreed to go.

There was only one day between Delfest and this Phish show, so in that one day I was starting to get excited for the show. I wasn’t getting excited because of going to see Phish, but because I was going with Laura. Laura is the ultimate Phish phan. This was going to be my 12th Phish show and this was her 40th show. You can say she is a pro at Phish. I am at about 40 RRE shows, to put it in perspective. Laura talked herself up as being a big fan of Phish and just going all out at shows and I was getting ready to be with her at a show. It was going to be an adventure. Here is the setlist:

Set 1: Chalkdust Torture, Roggae, Punch You in the Eye, The Moma Dance > Rock and Roll, Sand, Tube > The Divided Sky, Character Zero

Set 2: After Midnight > Possum, Drowned > Maze, Dirt, Alaska, You Enjoy Myself

Encore: Fire

I am not really here to review the show. The first set kicked total ass. I got my Punch. I finally could check that one off. Trey butchered Divided Sky though. He just straight up blew it and it just sucked. The rest of the set was perfect. Just great. I finally got my Maze. Laura called that one also. I could check that one off. This new song Alaska was really cool. I never heard it before and was thoroughly impressed with it. And of course, the song that follows me all over the place YEM, but I could handle it since I got such a sweet show.

This was the perfect show for me to go to. There was no way that I could get mad at Phish because of the songs they played. It was a great show and we danced our asses off. I was real happy that I went. I probably won’t be looking to go to any Phish shows; however, Laura if you need someone to go to a show to then I will be there right by your side. I won’t go to a Phish show without Laura because it was so much fun.