Only Surprises at Red Rocks

Matt wrote this post when he was in the hospital in CCU on a vent.  It was still in draft format but he told me that he was going to post it.  The end was a bit muffled but I left it as is.

I wish I had gotten to this a lot sooner than now, but I got caught up with getting prepared for school then following that up with some health issues that needed to be handled, so I am only getting to my Red Rocks Revue now. I planned this trip because the beginning of the summer did not turn out the way I wanted it to be, so this was my little party and getaway for me. Turns out Red Rocks did not change the outcome of my summer, but thats OK. I am still glad that I went out there to see my favorite band Railroad Earth.

There are a couple of people I want to shout out and thank that made this trip possible.
First, Christian and Joanne Stack for letting me stay at their house for the entire weekend. For feeding me the entire weekend. You letting me stay at your place really made this whole trip possible. It was great to hang out again. Hope to see you for NYE for RRE.
Second, the woman in the army who saw me in my neck brace at the airport and offered to grab my bag from the conveyor belt. It is nice to know that their are people still out their looking out for others. Thanks!
Third, Kasey Callan for saving the day by giving me a ride to Red Rocks. There was no way I was missing the Infamous Stringdusters and Railroad Earth and if you were not driving to the show then I would have been screwed. Thanks for helping me out. You are a life savior. Fourth, Tori for taking me out for lunch. It was great to get out and finally sit down and talk in a long, long time. Means more than you know.
Fifth, Annie. Is it a coincidence that unannounced and unplanned we see each other in Denver at Red Rocks watching our favorite band???
Lastly, running into the guitar player from the Infamous Stringdusters at the airport and just chatting it up with him for a minute This entry took forever that I am I on my new thing thing. My new important thing in my life. What will keep me alive, so I want to make this one entry, so this might be done and just skip to the present.