Nuthin’ Different ’bout December!

Shivering in the middle of the night in my bed was a sure sign of something wrong.  I was laying in bed trying to figure out the reason why I was so warm sleeping the night before and now I was shivering.  It took me about a quivering hour to realize that my head was freezing.  DUH, I have no hair up there anymore and for some reason tonight I chose not to wear my hat to bed.  OK!! Found the reason, now I needed to get the hat, which was on the dresser next to my bed.  I wriggled around some more to create some warmth and tried to tough it out for another hour without my hat.  Finally, I give up and get up and grab my hat and an instant heat rushed through my body.  It was not a good night’s sleep.  I was warmer in general, but still shivering at the same time.  I knew that a fever was involved in my diagnosis.  I think I finally got to sleep or what I thought was sleep, whatever.  I got up the morning of Wednesday December 8th and felt like garbage.  I definitely had a fever, but did not know the exact number.  The whole side of my right neck was sore to touch on the skin and it hurt to swallow on that side.  My mom took my temperature and it was 103 degrees, so to the ER we went.  Two days before, I received my second dose of chemotherapy.

I checked into the ER with a 103 degree fever and 160 heart rate and my blood pressure was not stable and severely dehydrated.  I don’t know how but I got two tylenol down my throat which helped my fever go down a little bit and now I waited.  I saw doctors and got hooked up with antibiotics and IV fluids.  I then proceeded to wait for like 7 hours in the ER to get a room somewhere at Valley.  Then we started the process of healing.  I knew I was so sick because the Wednesday night and all of Thursday I could not move.  I could not do a thing.  I did not want to talk.  I could not even watch TV.  All I know is that I would get my pain medicine and would really make me feel better or make me feel no pain.  I had this awful neck pain and my whole neck was red and sore to touch.  We had to get an MRI to make sure it had nothing to due with the cancer.  Thank god it did not and it was just severe infection called cellulitis in that area.  Who knows where it came from or how it started, but it did.  My white blood cells jumped all the way up to 22 and my normal number was 4.5.  So we knew my body was fighting something fierce.

I spent about a week in the hospital getting my antibiotics and just resting.  Nothing else exciting really happened the rest of the time I was in the hospital.  Now, I am home trying to get my strength back and trying to feel normal again.  Who knows if I ever will but I am slowly on my way.  Its also time to fatten up, which I am not sure how I am going to do, but will try my best to gain some weight.

Happy Holidays to all that read this.  Please be grateful for your health and family this holiday season.  I cannot wait for 2011 to start!