November means MOvember

Moving to the other side of the world is great for so many different reasons and one of them is learning about the different cultures.  I work with a couple of Australian blokes and it is great because I get to learn about new words and customs.  For example, no American uses “bloke” to talk about another person, that is an Aussie thing.  Well anyway, one of my buddies was telling me how November is men’s health awareness month in Australia.  They call November Movember because most of the men grow mustaches for the month of November.  They get people to donate them some money to give to a charity for men’s health.  All they have to do is grow their mustache for the month.  I soon as I hea

rd this I said I was in.  I can grow a mean mustache and I love doing so.  The men in the office are all growing mustaches this month for Movember.  I will be keeping you all updated on how the stache goes because I know all of you want to see how good I look by Nov. 30.

This is how the stache looks after the first week.