Mexico: Creel – Part 3

Monday April 24

Daren and I got off of the train and were bombarded with native Mexicans trying to give us a ride to the nearest hotel or the nearest lake. We were way overwhelmed at first because one we were drunk and that was the only reason. We had to sit down and get our bearings straight. We got some information from some locals and we started to walk into town. First thing in order was to reload and eat some food. This was very important for the trip we were about to do. We had a decision to make: either go to the lake or the hot springs to camp for the night. We heard that you could swim in the hot springs, but could not swim in the lake, so that is what made our decision. Before we left we had to stock up on some supplies like cookies, peanuts, hot dogs, chips, and some juice for our little camping trip. We got driven outside of the town to where the hot springs were. Our driver suddenly stopped and said this is where you start walking. OH, goodie. Off we went on our hike down to the hot springs. Daren saw someone and asked how far to the hot springs and that person replied with 1 km! OK! 1 km, is doable. We started walking and we are literally walking down into this canyon. Straight down. Here is a pic of the hike down on many of the stops downward.

Daren and I were talking about something on this long hike down into the canyon, when I had to mention myself getting cancer. And in that second the word cancer was foreign to me. I had totally forgot about cancer and me getting cancer. The word scared me for a sec when I had to say it. So thanks Daren for making me forget about cancer even it was only for a second. So in Mexico 1 km must mean 3 km because thats how long this hike actually was. At every turn we expected to see the hot springs, but it was more road. That was another frustrating thing about the hike was not actually knowing when the end was. Eventually the hot springs appeared, but first we had to set up our campsite. I was excited to get to these hot springs because the reason for going here was to swim in them. We set up camp and entered the hot springs. Lets just say that they were not as hot as one would want at 9 o clock at night. It was nice to get into some warm water and to be swimming at the bottom of this canyon in the middle of the night. The night was gorgeous and the stars were out in full force. And yes, you can see the Big Dipper in Mexico. The stars were amazing. We got out and quickly warmed up and hit the sack because we were exhausted. It was like we were sleeping with the frogs because there were so many and they were so loud.

Tuesday April 25

Obviously, pools were built to catch the spring water, so we could swim in the water. Hot dogs were on the menu for breakfast. After breakfast, we did a little exploring on the dried up river.

After exploring and taking tons of pics, we packed up camp and got ready to head on out. There was no way in hell we were walking about up out of the canyon with our huge packs, so we sat and waited on the side of the road to hitch a ride. This is a pic of us waiting for our ride.

So we got a ride to the top of the canyon, but that was it for now. We had to get back to Creel. We sat some more and waited for some friendly people to drive back to Creel. We saw a group of people leaving the waterfall, so we went over to ask them if we could hitch a ride back to town with them. The first thing out of one of their mouths was, ” How much you going to pay me in gas?” WOW! Real nice. Daren negotiated a price and we all crammed into a sedan. There were four in the front and four in the back. A guy was next to the door and then there was me with my huge pack on my lap and then a kid who we think had down syndrome and then Daren next to the other door. The kid with down syndrome was trying to talk to Daren for the first part of the trip, but was not succeeding. He was really hard to understand, but he eventually passed out. We got back to town and spilled out of the car as the doors opened up. As we were standing at the side of the road, Daren started to sniff his jeans. He would bend over and smell them. I said to him whats the deal. Daren’s jeans were wet and he thinks the kid with down syndrome peed on us. I went to smell his jeans, but I did not smell urine, so I said to him that he was crazy. It was at that moment when I noticed that my jeans were a little wet. So I mentioned this to Daren and he smelled my jeans, but could not smell anything. We concluded at this point that it was piss, but water or sweat or something. We got back to our hotel room and while sitting in the room I started to smell urine. BINGO!! We got peed on! We payed 150 pesos to hitch a ride with a not so friendly person to get peed on. Ridiculous.

Wednesday April 26

The good thing about backpacking travelling or travelling with people like Daren and myself, is that plans are subject to change at any moment at any time. That is one of my favorite parts of travelling. Not really having a set itinerary, but just going with the flow, taking chances, and doing whats thrown in front of you. Daren and I had planned to go to this town called Batopilas. Batopilas is a town located at the bottom of one of the canyons and is a 4 hour trip to get there. We were going to go here and camp and hang out for a day and half. However, are plans changed. We met two nice folks who were staying at the same hotel as us. We talked to them and they were heading to a waterfall named Basaseachi. Daren and I talked and we decided to head to Basaseachi because 1) They were driving to the waterfall, so it would be much cheaper and 2) It’s always cool to meet and hang out with new people. However, there was one hiccup in this new plan. Our two new friends were not driving back to Creel, but heading somewhere different. We talked to some folks in town and found out that we could be dropped off at this town called San Pedro and catch a bus back to Creel. If Daren was game, then I was game, so we headed to the waterfall. Words cannot really describe the beauty of this waterfall, so I will let the pictures and videos do the story telling.

This is a picture of me at the top of the waterfall. You actually start at the top and then hike all the way down to the bottom of the waterfall.

Daren and Adrian hanging out on the rocks!

This is halfway through the hike!

OK!!! So the bottom of this canyon is unspeakable. It is truly amazing. Since it was dry season we were actually able to hang out where the waterfall would be raging down. I am hoping that the videos would be suffice enough to understand the greatness of this canyon. One of the videos is of Daren jumping into the pond.

The hike back up was TOUGH, but I made it. Two hours up, but it was worth it. Next, was the huge conundrum Daren and I were pining about all the night before. It was a two hour drive to San Pedro. We got to San Pedro and said goodbye to our friends and we were now on our own adventure and troubles. Let me explain to all of you what San Pedro is. We were not told much about San Pedro. Something about it being dangers and not much being there. Not much being there is an understatement!! San Pedro is literally a T-Junction with one building to get snacks and drinks. UH-OH!! Two roads meeting in the middle of the desert. That’s it!! Could have been a scene from, “From Dusk Till Dawn.” Daren and I get out and set up on the side of the road to start hitch hiking. We were hesitant about the buses coming and picking us up and we wanted to get out of there as quickly as we can. We started sticking our thumbs out and were there for about 15 to 20 minutes. Cars would drive by and just point in the direction we needed to go, but didn’t stop. Who knows? The sun was starting to set. Daren was starting to get nervous which led to me getting nervous. I mean, we did not want to stay the night in San Pedro. THERE WAS NO WHERE TO STAY!!! Finally, a big suburban actually stopped for us. Daren told the man where we were going and he told us to get in. the FIRST thing out of Daren’s mouth was, ” OH SWEET, you have a chainsaw.” Great. That what I wanted to hear. I mean I won’t even hitch hike in the States, but hitching in Mexico is just was the doctor ordered. Just witness what our ride consisted of for an hour and a half back to Creel! If you like the pan flute, then you will thoroughly enjoy this!

The instrument was the pan flute, the lyrics were all about Jesus. These people were devout Jesus lovers. Daren said to me, “If they ask if you believe in Jesus, you Believe!!” The woman would take her hands off the wheel and raise them in the air and sing her lungs out. Our lives were now in Jesus’ hands. We were still driving through mountains and the canyon; therefore, there were tons of sharp curves, so she would drive fast up to the curve and then brake hard and turn. Despite the drive and the Jesus love, these were really good people. They worked at rehabilitating drug addicts and alcoholics. We finally got back to Creel and did not have to pay them. Thank Jesus, that we got picked up by them. I will never see them again, but they helped Daren and I out, BIG TIME!! As soon as we got out of the car, I just gave Daren a big hug. We, then, walked to our hotel and passed out.

Thursday April 27

Daren and I were exhausted and we wanted to get back on that freaking train and just relax. We got on and just took it easy the whole way back to Los Mochis. From Los Mochis we had to take the bus back to Culiacan. We got back to Daren’s place and passed out.

Friday April 28

We just hung out all day. Daren and I were so exhausted from our travels that we both agreed that just chilling was the right thing to do.

Saturday April 29

Flight to Mexico City.

Sunday April 30

Flight back to the States!!

This trip was just perfect for me in what has been going on in my life recently. I needed to get away and just not worry about the things that were going on at home. Also, I just needed to see my homeboy, Daren. We planned the perfect trip and did some wonderful things and did some stupid things, but we did things that only us would do. It was intense and amazing. Its what makes travelling so much fun and has definitely rekindled my travelling urge in life. Who knows what is next. I just know that I am glad that I have friends like Daren and I thank you so much bro. Next time, we will do the beach and just relax, but for now shit man what a trip. Love ya everyday!