Mexico: The Train Ride – Part 2

Monday April 24

Here was the next part of our excursion. We were about to hop on a train for nine hours weaving in and out of a canyon and tunnels. Chepe was the name of the train on the railway of Mexico. The train left Los Mochis at 6 in the morning to our next destination of Creel. This train ride was absolutely amazing. We spent a couple of days in Creel, but the train ride alone is worth it. I recommend all of you to just go and do the train ride if you don’t want to do any of the hiking and other trips. Daren and I were gitty like two little school girls on that train. The views were amazing and the beers tasted better. I don’t drink a lot anymore, but being on a 9 hour train ride with one of my best friends was the perfect occasion so get back on the wagon. Daren and I were just enjoying our time on that train as much as we could. This post is just going to be a montage of the videos and pictures that I took on the train ride.

In this video, the train stopped and the villagers living in the town would come up to the train to sell their hand woven baskets they made.

The next couple of videos and pictures are from the town of Divisadero. This is where the canyon actually opens up and you see the breathtaking view of Copper Canyon. Simply stunning, I think Daren and I said over and over again.

Now, I would recommend going on this trip sooner than later. The Mexican government plan on drastically changing this area to a huge tourist attraction. All ready they have a cable car that goes across over the canyon. They plan on building a roller coaster that goes out over the canyon, and three more high class hotels and restaurants around the area. I really enjoyed the small town of Creel and how it was made up. I don’t want to see this area become more touristy and taken over by big business with attractions. I really enjoyed the vintage, quaint mountain town of Creel. If you want to see this area before it becomes changed then go do this trip now.

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