Chinese Half Year


Apparently in Thailand we do not just celebrate the Thai holidays, but the Chinese holidays. The Half Year was on September 7th. We went out with Annie’s Thai friend Gift. There was going to be a parade through the downtown area of Suphanburi. For most of the parade it was normal. Off in the distance we could see the dragon bouncing up and down being carried by people. The dragon started to get closer and closer and as it was coming near fireworks were going off. Finally, the dragon drew near to us. A man in the parade started to tell everyone to move to the side of the road quickly because people started to light fireworks right by the big crowd of people. I swear I thought my foot was going to be taken out because of all the fireworks

fishingshooting off. I saw one shoot up in the air and land in a Thai persons cart. The dragon went past us and my feet did not get shot off, thank god.

We then went walking down into the market, where there were many vendors selling all kinds of treats like food or souvenirs. We walked by a vendor that had kiddie pools filled with fish. You could pay 5 Baht for a paper catcher to catch as many fish as you could. There was a small arena where a person would try to drive a motorcycle around and around, like that scene from the Simpsons movie. Farther on down the road there were carnival rides like a ferris wheel and go carts.